12 April, 2020

Moral Philosophy

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Here’s some moral philosophy for you (file it under “right and wrong”): If you built it, you own it. If you didn’t build it, it isn’t yours, so you need to know that fact and respect that fact.

The Japanese built Japan, so they own it. The Spaniards built Spain, so they own it. The Africans built…uhh, never mind. They didn’t build anything (but the British and the Dutch built South Africa). See the theme here?

White people built the Western world, so they own it (i.e., the USA, Canada, England, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc.). Whites should have total dominion in those countries. Whites should have complete seniority and make all the rules in those countries. So, if you’re in the Western world, but you’re not White, you really should not be there, but since you are there, you must defer to and obey the wishes, customs and values of Whites. You’re “just visiting” in the West. The Whites own it.

Video, Part 1 = the “intro.” to the moral philosopher; duration is 11 minutes (it’s hilarious).

Video, Part 2 = the moral philosopher; duration is 20 minutes.

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