2 April, 2020

Shocking Behavior: Jewish Man Hoards Medical Masks, and Other Things

Posted by Socrates in coronavirus, Coronavirus media hysteria, disease, Jewish behavior versus White behavior, Jewish chosenness, Jewish deceit, Jewish greed, Jewish lies, Jews-as-con-artists, jews/hebes/yids/pickle-snoots/nickel-noses, judaism-as-hate, Socrates at 10:51 am | Permanent Link

Jews are known for being upstanding people: honest, decent, selfless — always thinking of other people first. In fact, that’s why Hitler wanted to gas the Jews: they were way too honest and decent! Hitler hated honest and decent people! Indeed, the Jews are “God’s chosen people.” God personally chose them! Yeah! It’s true! Ask any rabbi! That’s why these hoarding and price-gouging charges are so shocking. You just wouldn’t expect one of God’s chosen people to do something like that. Right? Right?? No? Oh.


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