13 May, 2020

Deflating Teddy Adorno’s Bogus 1950 Authoritarian-Personality Study, 70 Years Later

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(Above: the trickster and tampon-wearer Teddy Adorno, circa 1950).

It was Jews like the Marxist fun-boy Theodor Adorno who pioneered the study of “authoritarianism.” They called it “right-wing only.” So naturally, most studies of authoritarianism are simply left-wing/Jewish propaganda and nothing more.

Thank goodness that someone has finally tried at least to delve into the matter fairly.

Anyway, you already knew that leftists/liberals — despite their claims — were uptight, bullying, heavy-handed thugs who love forcing people to do whatever they (the leftists) want, and now, here’s the proof, kinda-sorta [1]. Previously, the only “proof” was looking at liberal, big-government-mandate-loving states like California, Massachusetts and Connecticut and figuring it out for yourself. How funny that the famous Jew Adorno said only right-wingers are authoritarian! According to Adorno, left-wingers are kind, sweet, gentle, easy-going, peace-loving intellectuals who smoke dope, quote Gandhi, eat granola and never do anything wrong! Adorno was a bold liar — big surprise.

This new study is titled “Clarifying the Structure and Nature of Left-Wing Authoritarianism” by Thomas Costello, Shauna Bowes, Sean Stevens, Irwin Waldman, Scott O. Lilienfeld, [Here].


[1] two quotes from the new study:

“Owing largely to TAP’s (“The Authoritarian Personality” by Adorno) severe methodological flaws, however, authoritarianism research petered out by the 1970s, leaving the question of LWA’s (Left-Wing Authoritarianism) nature and very existence unresolved.”

“The possibility that authoritarianism research has a blind spot for LWA is perhaps unsurprising given that TAP was an effort to describe the psychological appeal of fascism, a farright ideology.”

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