12 May, 2020

Modern China: Made in America? Yes, But Look Closer

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“The mighty malevolent China we face today was made in the USA.”

Yes, Mr. Buchanan is right. It was made in the U.S.A. China was a poor, agricultural-based nation, but, within just a few decades, it became a global powerhouse that manufactured half of all the world’s products.

But let’s be more specific about China: which Jew (because you know it was a Jew, don’t you?) was the point-man in the selling-out of America to China? You know: the massive job outsourcing, the secret military and industrial technology being sold (or given) to China, and don’t forget the looking-the-other-way habit of America whenever China did something horrible. Yes, indeed: which Jew birthed America’s terrible China policies beginning in the 1990s?

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