22 May, 2020

White Philosophy for Newbies: America Then vs. Now: Why Are Career Criminals Roaming the Streets?

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In the 1930s, if you committed a serious crime (e.g., armed robbery), you were sent to prison for 20 years. At least. No early release.

But today, you can have a looooong criminal record and still be wandering the streets, free as a bird. This Black fellow below had 67 arrests under his belt! He was roaming the streets. He should have been serving a life sentence in prison, with no release under any circumstances.

What changed in America? The people who ran America in the 1930s were conservative White men. The people who run America today aren’t conservative White men. They’re a rainbow of stooges: Blacks, Browns, leftists, Jews, queers, half-wits, and other riff-raff.

There’s a lesson for you, newbies.


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