7 June, 2020

A Good Online Book for Newbies

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“One Sheaf, One Vine” (2004).

This outtake from the book shows the arrogant, Jewish roots of the modern Left: Today’s leftists “shout down” conservatives on college campuses.

In fact, this whole book is important reading for newbies (by the way, Alex is mentioned in this book):

(In the late 1970s, apparently): “I remember espousing conservative views in my classes and the Jewish kids shouting me down. At the time, I didn’t make the connection between their being Jewish and their aggression toward me, but I got extremely angry that they were violating the rules of civility in a classroom. I wish I could turn back the clock and say to them, “You people should act like ‘gentile-men.’” You know, a play on words: gentlemen, gentilemen? That would be perfect, because these Jewish kids were rude. They didn’t belong in an intellectual environment where everybody’s views are respected. By shouting me down, I see that now, these Jewish kids were censoring me…” [Book; a .PDF file].

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