9 June, 2020

Ha-Ha-Ha! Cities Cannot Legally Disband Police Departments

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Cities such as Commieapolis, Lost Idiots, Chimpcago, Apelanta and Jew York Shitty cannot abolish their police departments because their city charters mandate police departments.

For example:

City of Minneapolis, Charter

The Charter reads as follows (note the word “must”):

“ยง 7.2. – Departments.

(a) The departments generally. The City Council must establish, organize, and otherwise provide for these departments:


(7) a department of community planning and economic development;
(8) a fire department (section 7.4);
(9) a health department, headed by a health commissioner;
(10) a planning commission (section 7.2(e));
(11) a police department (section 7.3);

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