3 July, 2020

Africa: What Happened When the Whites Left and Allowed the Blacks to Take Over

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White people once ruled about 25 countries in Africa [1][2]. But by 1980, most of the White people had left Africa and, of course, the Blacks took over — with horrifying and deadly results; Blacks have no business running donut shops, let alone entire countries. Here’s a list of Black horrors.


[1] South Africa was built by the British and the Dutch. Britain controlled Zambia, Uganda, Sudan, Botswana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia and Kenya. France controlled Chad, Cameroon, Mozambique, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal. Belgium controlled the Congo and Ruanda-Urundi.

[2] see the January 2002 article “South Africa After Apartheid” by Black writer Walter E. Williams. The key quote from the article: “The tragic fact of business is that ordinary Africans were better off under colonialism.”

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