28 August, 2020

Werner Scholem: Another Jew Who Raped Germany

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(Above: look, a mouse is sitting on a park bench. No, wait…that’s not a mouse, that’s…that’s…Werner Scholem! Sorry, they all look like rodents: big ears, big noses, weak chins…it’s hard to imagine that God “chose” the Jews).

Trivia: 90% of the people who led the attacks on Germany in the 1920s were Jews. Mind you, this was long before Hitler took power in 1933.

During the Weimar era (i.e., 1918 to 1933), Scholem headed Germany’s communist party. He was also editor of the communists’ Red Flag newspaper. The German communist party was Europe’s largest Communist party. More trivia: the Weimar constitution was written by a Jew, Hugo Preuss. Everywhere you went in 1920s Germany, you encountered radical Jews. It was like one big, Marxist Bar Mitzvah. Oy veh!

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