26 September, 2020


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by Dr. William Pierce.


“So our task is to continue to build understanding and motivation among the thinking portion of our people: to persuade the conservatives to let go by showing them where the stink is coming from, to show them that the corpse they are clinging to really is dead; to educate the incidental liberals by helping them see the facts they have overlooked; to make the individualists understand that individualism just doesn’t make sense at a time when the tide is carrying our boat farther and farther from the safe harbor we all seek, and it is clear that we will only get there if we all row together.

Perhaps I am just an unrealistic optimist to believe that we can do these things. But I myself have been to all of these places I’ve talked about. I used to be a conservative. And I used to believe that Jews were just like all the rest of us except that they went to a different church; I believed that the reason Blacks behaved badly and had never accomplished much was that they had had a bad break, that they hadn’t had a fair chance. And I even went through an individualist phase, when I thought I was so much smarter than everyone else that I could manage by myself; I hadn’t explored my roots yet — I hadn’t understood yet that I am only a very small part of something much bigger and more important than myself.”


Audio: [Here].

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