21 October, 2020

Jews: the No-Decency People

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The Jews, as a race, have no decorum, no grace, no class [1]. A White person would be embarrassed if he accidentally farted loudly in a public place; but a Jew wouldn’t be embarrassed at all — in fact, he’d probably laugh and try to repeat the farting event. Indeed, the loudest, most obnoxious kid in your 5th-grade class was very probably a Jew. (In my 7th-grade classroom, a Jewish kid named Paul would wait until the teacher left the room and then he’d yell disgusting things, like “free sperm for everyone, form a line right here!”. Paul would constantly tell jokes about pooping, peeing and other bodily functions; contrast that to the jokes of White kids, which were much less disgusting; consider this: America’s first obscene comedian was a Jew: Lenny Bruce).



[1] Jews are not White, even though they appear White; Jews are part of the Near Eastern genetic clustering, along with Arabs: “The evidence is conclusive. Jews are part of an identifiable genetic clustering. This clustering is part of the Near Eastern genetic clustering. The Near Eastern genetic clustering is part of the Non-European Caucasians clustering. Jews are not white.” — from the article “Are Jews White?” by Robert E. Reis, 2008

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