8 October, 2020

Minneapolis: Chauvin is Innocent of Murder

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The infamous White cop, Derek Chauvin, is now out of jail on $1 million dollars bond. Why such a high bond? Oh, yeah, that’s right: the negroes and the SJWs in Minneapolis demanded it of (Jewish) mayor Jacob Frey.

No cop would knowingly commit murder while being filmed on video. Chauvin knew he was being videotaped via cellphone and via police-cam because he was staring right at the citizen who was cellphone-filming him. The cop obviously did not intend to kill Saint George Floyd, and in fact, he didn’t kill Saint George, who actually OD’ed on fentanyl, with contributing factors of death being high blood pressure/an enlarged heart/a badly-clogged heart artery (i.e., Floyd was already half-dead from the latter and would have been dead within a year; also, Floyd was recorded on audiotape muttering “I can’t breathe” while he was standing next to the cop car! So much for the cops “killing” him).


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