7 October, 2020

Two Important Covid-19 Facts, or, They Are Lying to Us

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1. Several million “positive Covid-19 cases” in America have been false positives [1]. They weren’t real. But the media never reports this.

2. Most of the so-called “Covid-19 deaths” in America were not due to Covid-19. The deceased people died from other causes (e.g., heart attack, stroke, cancer) but they had Covid-19 in their bodies at their time of death, so they were listed as Covid-19 deaths. (In Wisconsin in September 2020, a rare, honest TV news reporter said on the air that “if a skydiver jumped from an airplane in Wisconsin, and his parachute didn’t open and he plunged 15,000 feet to his death, he’d nonetheless be listed as a Covid-19 death if the coroner found any Covid-19 in his body”. That’s how “Covid-19 deaths” are found and listed in many states).

Bottom line: this baloney about 7.5 million people in America having been infected with, and 200,000+ dying from, Covid-19 is pure propaganda worthy of the Soviet Union circa 1930. Total infected = probably 3 million, tops, and total deaths = probably 70,000, tops.


[1] in Manchester, Vermont in July 2020, dozens of people were tested for Covid-19 at a clinic and were told that they had Covid-19. They were then re-tested by the State of Vermont, and it was discovered that only 4 of them had Covid-19. The same thing happened in Utica, New York in September 2020: 15 people received false positives for Covid-19.

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