14 November, 2020

On Refugee Asylum (the Golden Ticket)

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White people are such chumps. They always do what’s best — for someone else!

“I’ve got a golden ticket!” (that’s a lyric from the movie “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” (1971). The world’s Brown people also have golden tickets. Into the White countries. Those golden tickets are: asylum.

It has become commonplace (and even expected) that, in the White countries, non-White “asylum seekers” (a.k.a. refugees, a.k.a. rapefugees) are given asylum [1]. All these Brown critters need to do is claim some sort of “persecution” (political, sexual, economic, etc.) in their home countries, and they have a free ticket into the West.


[1] Germany’s illegal-immigration law: “If a person presents him/herself without delay to authorities and applies for asylum, no criminal charges (for illegal entry into Germany) are filed.”

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