24 November, 2020

White Western History for Newbies, in 5 Easy Steps

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Step 1: Mankind was a bunch of idiots who walked around grunting and scratching their nuts. Then along came the (White) Greeks and Romans circa 700 BC. They literally invented the whole world: art, architecture, poetry, drama, philosophy, logic, reason, tacos and SPAM (heh-heh). The Greeks created the world’s first book, called The Iliad, published circa 700 BC.

Step 2: Everything was going smoothly, more or less anyway, until about 476 AD, when Europe entered the “Dark Ages” due to several factors, including the fall of the Roman Empire and Europe being befuddled by an egalitarian, voodoo religion called Christianity (which was invented by Jews via the Old Testament). Things went nowhere in Europe for many centuries; White people even regressed, going backwards!

Step 3: The Renaissance began in Europe circa 1450 AD and Whites re-invented the world. That’s twice they did that!

Step 4: Jews were unleashed upon the West circa 1807 in France by Napoleon, who granted them legal rights, but who apparently had no clue that what he was actually doing was unleashing pure evil upon the Western world.

Step 5: Thanks to Jewish “civil rights activists” circa 1964, Negroes and Brown people suddenly became “Western people.” Of course, they weren’t Western people. They were violent, perpetual losers. Africa is an entire continent full of retards. Ponder that for a minute. So now, in the West, we have rap music, murder, robbery, burglary and rape every single day, BLM, and Negroes in Congress. We are doomed.

The End.

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