14 December, 2020

A Very Important Fraction

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by Allan Callahan.

(Note: the human IQ test score measures the ability to recognize and solve problems. Do you think Blacks can solve problems? Blacks create problems!).


“The negro is considered human, although some think he should be put into another class or category by himself. At any rate, if 1% can be of profound importance, so can 1/2 of 1%, or even less. Left to themselves, Blacks cannot create or maintain a High Culture. Their so-called “civilizations” in Africa, such as those at Benin, Melle, Ashanti and Songhay, had very little going for them. They had a few very minor achievements in language and government, and exhibited a little ability in handicrafts, but that was about it. They showed no ability in writing, science, architecture, transportation, philosophy, education, economics, literature, communications, music, religion, agriculture, art, the military or mechanical improvements. In this respect you would think they were 99% genetically removed from Whites, instead of 1/2 of 1%. So again, we see how important this small fraction is. Furthermore, their “civilizations” were permeated with senseless and revolting cruelties, and were so primitive that they should be referred to as “civilizations” at all, but only primitive cultures.” [Article].

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