23 December, 2020

America: a Democracy?

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F.D. Roosevelt popularized the term “democracy” to describe America, in his radio broadcasts during the 1930s. Prior to that, most people called America a republic.

“Democracy” basically means “any retard can vote.” Why would you want retards to vote?

In a democracy, the majority (of the people) makes the rules. Or, in the case of America, “several hundred powerful jerks” make the rules. In a democracy, if enough idiots want murder to be legal, then murder becomes legal. In a republic, however, the constitution is strictly followed. If the constitution forbids murder, then murder will not be legal, no matter how many people want it to be. (Look at Roe v. Wade, 1973: it was an grossly unconstitutional ruling, but today, abortion is the law of the land merely because the knuckle-heads in Congress and in the media wanted abortion to become legal) [1].

America wasn’t a democracy, it was a White republic. But it became a democracy by default with the civil-rights laws of the 1960s.



[1] two Jews, the writer Lawrence Lader and the doctor Bernard Nathanson, could be called “the godfathers of the abortion movement/industry.” Lader was quoted nearly a dozen times in the Roe v. Wade decision

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