4 December, 2020

Jews and Their Jewishness

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I’ve noticed a curious thing about Jews over the years.

When you first meet a Jew, he will, somehow, let you know that he’s a Jew. It’s almost like he has to, for some deep emotional reason; perhaps not immediately, but soon after you meet; he’ll drop a “my rabbi said such-and-such” comment or he’ll mention his bar mitzvah, or something. He’ll let you know he’s a Jew, somehow, some way. Sooner or later.

But, if you, a gentile, “out” him by telling other gentiles that he’s a Jew, he’ll accuse you of anti-Semitism.

In other words, he can and will “out” himself as a Jew, but you can’t “out” him, or else you hate Jews.

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    1. Hadrian Says:

      I start from the possition that ‘I hate Jews’.