8 December, 2020

Liberal and Conservative Politicians: Bought by China (or, Sandy Berger’s Revenge on White America)

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(Sung to the tune of the 1973 song “China Grove” by the Doobie Brothers):

“The politicians are total creeps,
And they’re proud of their corruption (by China),
Well, you talkin’ ’bout your China Dopes,
(Talkin’ ’bout your China Dopes),
Whoa, oh (whoa, oh) China Dopes!”


(Here’s one news quote about the Jewish “China Expert” Sandy Berger: “He drew on his experience on Capitol Hill to lobby Congress to allow China into the World Trade Organization, part of a big gamble by the Clinton administration” — from an AP article. Here’s another news quote about Berger: “In the way of background, according to the New York Times, Berger served as ‘the point man for the (Clinton) White House’s China policy.’” Allowing China into the World Trade Organization was critical to the outsourcing of many millions of American jobs to China. A “deal” (law) that Bill Clinton signed said that, if China joined the WTO, then permanent Most Favored Nation trade status for China would follow (despite the fact that China has murdered and oppressed millions of its citizens). It did. That, in turn, led to the outsourcing of millions of American jobs to China, because greedy U.S. manufacturers were emboldened by China’s new, permanent MFN trade status, which previously had to be renewed yearly).

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