16 December, 2020

What Drives Trump Derangement Syndrome: Trump-Hate, or Trump-Fear?

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The Judeo-Leftists hated Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Nixon was an anti-Semite, and Reagan’s economic policies were too successful and he funded the Contras — how dare he! But Donald Trump? They fear Trump. He’s “the charismatic leader of a giant, racist, neo-fascist cult!” His “millions of robotic followers worship him!” They “could march on synagogues and abortion clinics any day now!” The paranoid Judeo-Leftists really believe that stuff.

Trump has even been accused of trying to roll back the voting rights of Blacks. (If only!) [1].

It isn’t Trump-hate, it’s Trump-fear that drives Trump Derangement Syndrome.


[1] “Trump’s re-election may hinge on the success of his efforts to suppress the voices of Black voters.” — Time magazine, article “How the Trump Campaign Is Trying to Suppress the Black Vote,” November 2, 2020 issue

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