5 December, 2020

White Repairmen vs. Brown Repairmen

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Some time ago, I read an interesting magazine article about a White American man who was forced to move to El Salvador or Guatemala or some other Brown country as part of his job. He was a manager at some big corporation back East.

He told several funny, but sad, stories about how it is very difficult to get good mechanical repair service in Brown countries. The repairmen don’t operate on “White time,” instead, they operate on “Brown time” — which could be 6 hours later than the pre-arranged “White time” appointment. Repairmen in Brown countries are notoriously incompetent. They all come from the “just use a bigger hammer” school of repair. Just whack it harder! They may, or may not, fix your refrigerator or air conditioner correctly. It’s a 50/50 gamble. Your device may or may not work tomorrow. It might explode as well! (Tell me again why Brown immigration into America is a good thing).

He said that he was very glad to return to America 2 years later.

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