22 January, 2021

Cuba Is Collapsing Now. Will Biden Rescue It?

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Have you ever heard of a Marxist in America moving to Cuba because life is “better” there? Neither have I. Never. Not ever. Why don’t Marxists ever move to Cuba? Because everyday life sucks in Cuba and they know it sucks. It’s far better to live in America and moan about how life “sucks” in America! Yeah!

Re: Cuba: when you can’t even find bread (a cheap, common food) for sale, wow! — that’s not a good economic indicator! Maybe Biden/Harris will bail out the comrades in Cuba with our tax dollars? I wouldn’t be surprised. But, if it’s a “worker’s paradise,” why would Cuba need a bailout? Do paradises need bailouts? I don’t think so. That’s why they are paradises. (Trivia: Castro even ruined the cigar industry! Come on! I mean, Christ, Cuban cigars were legendary the world over! People would swim from Miami to Cuba and back again just to buy two boxes of Cohibas – they’d put one box under each arm! Even American kids wanted to try the famous Cohibas! What a fool Castro was. You can still buy Cohibas but they are not nearly as good as the old ones; all the good Cuban cigar makers fled to Nicaragua).

“In the bakeries where the state sells un-rationed bread, the situation has not improved: “In the Carlos III [shopping center] you have to line up so that you can spend hours,” says another resident of Centro Habana. “I send the kid to buy bread and sometimes he gets back at nine o’clock at night without it because after waiting in line there isn’t enough,” he complains.” [Article].

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