21 January, 2021

Derrida-Speak: the Language Against Trump and His Followers

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Let me give you an example of Derrida-speak, i.e., how the Jewish, Marxist “postmodern philosopher” Jacques Derrida (pronounced DARE-idda; 1930-2004) would speak if the little creep were alive today: “All people named Smith are Satanic!” Under the rules of Derrida-speak, that’s a true and factual statement. How is it true? Simple. I just said it! Therefore, it’s true. Under the rules of Derrida-speak, merely say it, and it’s true as soon as the words leave your lips! Like: “I have an IQ of 240!” All right! Good for you! Cool!

You try it: say “Dallas, Texas is a sanctuary city! All illegal aliens from Mexico may come to Dallas and live peacefully!” There. It’s true, because you said it. See? Isn’t Derrida-speak fun?? It reminds you of being in a schoolyard in the 3rd grade, huh?? Big lies fly around with no one to stop them!

The latest in Derrida-speak is: “anyone who supported Donald Trump is a dangerous, violent neo-Nazi who wants to take over and enslave the entire USA! Our democracy is doomed!” Many thousands of liberals are saying this now.


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