3 January, 2021

Northern California: KKK Flyers Found on Doorsteps. S-S-Spooky!

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At least the Klan is trying to do something constructive.

This happened in Tulelake, CA. (I noticed that the city’s leadership is 99% White, with only one obvious Hispanic. Is that “diversity”?).

Did you know that the KKK was anti-Catholic for years? Apparently it had to do with the Vatican, which is of course a foreign entity, giving marching orders to Americans.

Note the mayor’s comment: referring to the KKK, he said “that’s not who we are.” Yeah, we’ve heard that song before — from Obama in fact. Who’s “we”? We who? He also said: “We’re a community of veterans, and those were certainly not the ideals they fought, and sometimes died for, to preserve in our great nation.” First, America is no longer a nation. We’re just a country now. Nation means “a group of people who are alike,” e.g., in Japan. It does not refer to borders or land per se, although it can, in Japan’s case for example. Second, are we supposed to believe that U.S. soldiers in Vietnam or Korea were fighting for White dispossession, Cultural Marxism and faggotry here in America? I seriously doubt that. WWII veterans? Ditto.


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