31 January, 2021

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“The Revolt Against Civilization: The Menace of the Under Man” by Dr. Lothrop Stoddard (1922; his name is misspelled “Lothrup” in the book). Stoddard was a historian. This book covers race, civilizations, IQ, and so forth. Note that you had to be smart to get a Ph.D. from a top-tier university like Harvard in 1914 (today, thanks to grade inflation, almost any retard can get a Ph.D. from anywhere).

“We therefore see that, for civilization to arise at all, a superior human stock is first necessary; while to perfect, or even to maintain that civilization, the human stock must be kept superior. And these are requirements more exacting than might be imagined. Surveying human history, we find that superior stocks are the exception rather than the rule. We have already seen how many races of men have never risen above the planes of savagery or barbarism, while relatively few races have shown the ability to create high and enduring civilizations.”

[a .PDF file].

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