15 January, 2021

Radio Host: Covid-19 Lockdowns Were Planned From the Beginning

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Re: Rush Limbaugh on the radio, 1/15/21: he basically said that Covid-19 lockdowns and their economic destruction were “deliberate” and were aimed at destroying Donald Trump’s reputation and legacy. That way, the Left can say, over the next 30 years, that Trump was a “terrible president” who “destroyed the economy” and who “forced millions of citizens to lose their jobs,” etc., etc., etc. “Anybody who embraces Trumpism or populism is embracing destruction and evil!” the liberals will say in the coming years. Very clever, and very demonic.

Yes, it is now obvious that the Covid lockdowns (which were more severe, and more frequent, in the liberal cities and states) were one giant political weapon against Trump. It’s too bad that small businessmen were the hardest hit. Most will never recover their losses.

Is there any group of people more hateful, more evil than liberal politicians, especially governors, who actually seem more ambitious than congressmen? (Yeah, okay, you’re right: Jewish politicians are worse than mere liberals).

Hey, Trump: how about arresting the liberal governors and mayors for economic terrorism, conspiracy and sedition? Or, at least, make them pay financial restitution, taken out of their bank accounts, future wages, land holdings, other assets, etc.? Of course, they couldn’t pay it all back, but it would be a start, anyway.

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