9 February, 2021

Fighting Critical Race Theory in Academia

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In many ways, America is too free. That sounds strange, yes, but the Jews and the leftists have used America’s free environment to cause all sorts of trouble. What’s stopping them from teaching Marxism in the universities? Absolutely nothing! In that way, too much freedom can be dangerous.

A news quote: “Colleges and universities across the country are implementing the teaching of Critical Race Theory, a far left concept…Cornell Law School Professor William Jacobson, who runs the Legal Insurrection blog, has created a new website which allows parents and students to look up schools to find out if they are teaching critical race training.”

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is modernized Frankfurt School baloney [1]. It’s Cultural Marxism. It’s yet another attack on White culture. Recall that President Trump banned the teaching of CRT within the federal government. But Joe Biden, of course, has reversed Trump’s order and the Marxism is flowing freely once again! (*communist fist salute*).

All of the universities should be closed, or at least defunded, by the state governments, until they stop teaching Marxism. (Why would a “democracy” teach Marxist theories? It makes no sense; so I guess Charles Manson was right after all: he said, “no sense makes sense”).

[Article] and [Article].


[1] Critical Race Theory (CRT) sprang from the earlier Critical Legal Studies (CLS), which was founded largely by a Jew, Alan David Freeman (1943-1995), a political activist and law professor at the University of Buffalo Law School. CLS morphed into CRT in the 1980s. Both movements contained a lot of Jews. Regarding CRT and CLS, think “Critical Theory applied to American law.” In other words, American law was politicized to benefit racial minorities.

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