11 February, 2021

Memorable Quote About Communism, or, Bringing Them All Down to Your Level

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(Above: communist leader Daniel Ortega gives a speech at the UN circa 1985. Why? I thought the UN was dedicated to “freedom” and “human rights.” What does Ortega have to do with those things? Ortega later re-invented himself as a democratic socialist, but few people bought the “new” Ortega: the change was simply “old wine in a new bottle” in order to gain political advantage).

Circa 2001, I saw a documentary on the TV about communism in Nicaragua. In it, a Nicaraguan woman was being interviewed on video about life in Nicaragua after the communists took over the country in 1979. The woman said (paraphrasing): “Before the communists took over, some people here earned 50 pesos per month, some people earned 75 pesos per month, and some people earned 100 pesos per month. After the communists took over, everyone earned 10 pesos per month. So we were all equal then. Equally miserable.”

That’s communism. It’s a “we’ll get even with the normal people” ideology. It wants to make everyone equally miserable. Leftists are children and this is childish behavior. They call Nazism “hate” but communism is far more hateful than Nazism. It punishes entire countries, everyone within a country, regardless of their backgrounds. Not so with Nazism. Recall when Germany invaded France in 1940: life in France remained mostly as before, with few changes, unless you were a communist or a Jew. Make no mistake: the West is moving towards communism, not away from it. Our younger generations have not been warned about communism and have, in fact, fallen in love with Marxism thanks to the public schools.

(Trivia: most communist leaders in the world were criminals before they became leaders, and Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega was no exception: he spent 7 years in prison before becoming Head Thug In Charge. The Soviet leaders V. I. Lenin and Joe Stalin also spent time in prison before they became leaders. Almost every communist leader had a criminal background first).

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