10 February, 2021

Race May, or May Not, Exist, Depending on the Day/Week/Month/City/Region

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(Above: the Jew, Franz Boas [1858-1942]: the godfather of race-denial).

(This article was originally published elsewhere in 2019, but it’s relevant now, of course. Big surprise: Angela Saini is a Brown person).

“Saini’s book comes at a time when race science is making a startling comeback.” Comeback? It never left — although the Jewish “race experts” like Franz Boas and S.J. Gould have tried very hard to make it disappear. Remember the outcry over the 1994 book about race and IQ, “The Bell Curve”? The Jews yelled the loudest about that book. You’d have thought Hitler wrote it.

“She’s (Saini) at her strongest, however, when investigating the role scientists have consciously or unconsciously played in the origin, perpetuation, and resurgence of this deadliest of ideas.”

Deadliest of ideas?? The most dangerous idea of all time is race denial, a Marxist “equality movement” led by…wait for it…yep, Jews [1][2].

Only in the modern West can someone say, with a straight face, that “race doesn’t exist.” If race doesn’t exist, then how can racism exist? How can White people be “racist”? How can there be “systemic racism” in America if there is no such thing as race? It’s a big joke.



[1] well-known, Jewish, race-denying “experts” include: Franz Boas, Ashley Montagu, Stephen Jay Gould, Claude Levi-Strauss, Kurt Lewin, Leon Kamin, Otto Klineberg and Steven Rose. Klineberg famously said “there’s only one race: the human race.” Yeah, sure, pal.

[2] “By 1926 every major department of anthropology was headed by Boas’s students, the majority of whom were Jewish.” — Dr. Kevin MacDonald, in his important book “The Culture of Critique,” page 25

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