14 February, 2021

The U.S. Navy? No. The U.S. Gayvy

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Which chick wrote the new U.S. Navy diversity pledge? Was it you, Hillary? “Ableism”?? What?? Since you can’t join the U.S. military if you are disabled in any way, what the hell is this chick talking about? That’s known as being classified “4-F” which means that you are unfit to serve in the military due to hearing, vision, or other physical or mental problems. Even color-blindness can “4-F” you; ditto flat feet, being too short, etc. Granted, today’s Gayvy is much “looser” than it was in 1980; it may allow midgets to enlist now — especially aboard the USS Karl Marx! Full speed ahead!

How long will it take China to defeat the new, “improved” U.S. Navy when it tries to take Taiwan or other Asian countries? Not long, I’m guessing. Taking Taiwan has long been a top priority of China’s and sooner or later it’ll happen.


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