8 February, 2021

Using Virtual Reality to Combat Western Culture, er, Racism

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Western culture is about race. Period. Nothing else. Western culture is White culture. It’s not Brown culture, or Black culture, or Asian culture. It’s the world built by White people from ancient Greece onward (i.e., from 700BC until today).

So, when someone says “let’s fight racism,” they are really saying, “let’s fight White culture” (even if they don’t realize that that’s what they’re saying, and some of the do-gooders may not realize that that’s what they’re saying — they are simply parroting an idea that liberals and Jews toss around).

As a White person, you should be very offended that some people want to fight your culture, because Whites gave the world to mankind. We even gave the Brown people democracy (and look what they did with it!)


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