19 February, 2021

White People Living in Appalachia Have No White Privilege That I Can See

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Newbies, “White Privilege” is a totally Marxist idea: Karl Marx himself planted the idea, and later, two communists (Noel Ignatiev and Ted Allen, circa 1967) picked up that ball and ran it a few yards further [1]. How can Americans be so fooled by Marxism?

In some places in the Appalachian region of West Virginia, White people live in shacks. They are very poor. They have no indoor toilets. That’s “White Privilege”??

Regardless, “White Privilege” is a collective “crime”: you are “guilty” because you have White skin. Period. Talk about racism! What could be more racist (against Whites) than that? If you applied that type of thinking to Blacks, it would be called racist (such as “all Blacks are criminals”). Apparently, it’s okay to stereotype all Whites collectively, but it’s racist to stereotype all Blacks collectively! Liberal ideology totally lacks consistency! It’s all over the map. Liberalism only makes sense to idiots.

Also, “White Privilege” is the ultimate get-evenism: “We’ll get even with White people for being so successful!” It’s hate. It’s jealousy. It’s angry people with an axe to grind.


[1] Ignatiev was a Jew, and Allen was a gentile

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