4 March, 2021

About Marxism

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How did such a violent, alien ideology become “respectable” in the West? In Canada, for example, some universities require the reading of Marxism in order to graduate! Huh??

People fail to understand that Marxism is not an ideology. Nope. What is it, then? It’s a weapon against the existing order! Just like a machine gun is a weapon [1]. That’s why Marxism must be banned by federal law in all of the Western world. If it isn’t, then sooner or later Marxism will rise up. We are seeing the rise of Marxism right now in America (i.e., Cultural Marxism). Is someone advocating Marxism (such as a schoolteacher)? Then he should be arrested. Then, he should be exiled to Cuba, where he can enjoy communism first-hand! Yeah! (*closed-fist commie salute*). Marxism must always be stopped in the cradle, while it is young, while there is still time to stop it. That means adopting a zero-tolerance policy regarding Marxism, be it regular Marxism, or Cultural Marxism.



[1] Marxism was originally designed as a weapon against England, which was the most powerful White country on earth at that time (circa 1850). Marxism was a “time-bomb” against White society.

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