1 March, 2021

Reparations for Nigs Now, and for Indians, Women and Queers Later On

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Free money coming! Just pose as a victim and presto! Cash-o-rama! Line forms right here! First Blacks, then women, then Indians, then Mexicans, then queers, then gingers (pale red-heads), then Catholics, then…oh, you poor souls!…come on, step right up!

The problem: not all Blacks were slaves. If Blacks came to America in circa 1900 (and many did), then they weren’t slaves. So which Blacks are going to get Whitey’s money and which aren’t? Never mind that slavery was the best thing to ever happen to Blacks: now there are Black judges, Black mayors and Black congressmen in America. Blacks really came up in the world via slavery, even if that was unintentional on the part of Whites (the diddling of the Black slaves by Whites helped them, too: it gave the Blacks some White genes, which boosted their IQs by 10% or more).


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