22 April, 2021

Are Police On a Path to Disengagement with Blacks? And Why Are Blacks Still Here?

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“This is total madness, and makes me wonder why anyone would want to go into police work these days.” The writer nailed it: nobody is going to want to become a cop today. So, watch America’s big cities collapse in 10 years (or, I should say, collapse even more than they already have, e.g., Detroit, Baltimore, Apelanta, Chimpcago).

Are the police on a path to disengagement with Blacks (similar to Europe’s “no-go zones”)? [1]. Will the Blacks basically have a permit to run amok? That’s not good if you’re a White female or a White senior citizen. Blacks will become even more uppity than they are now (post-Michael Brown and George Floyd).

Anyway. Think about this: all of the Black thugs who have been “murdered” by the police during the past 40 years would be alive today if they had only cooperated with the police! That’s all they had to do! Just cooperate! “Hands behind your back!” “Yes, sir!” But no. Blacks are unable to do that, because they are children in adult bodies (and violent children at that!) and they can’t cooperate with a guy wearing a government uniform. They just can’t. They’re mentally unable to cooperate [2]. So Whitey gets the blame each time. Which begs the question: why didn’t the federal government expel Blacks from America years ago? Why wasn’t the process started in, say, 1980? That Blacks wouldn’t like being expelled is entirely irrelevant. Community safety must take priority over Black feelings. (Blacks can accurately be called “a failed race” since only 10% of them lead productive, crime-free lives).



[1] for example, there are neighborhoods in Paris, France that White police and firefighters cannot enter because they’ll be attacked, usually by Blacks or Muslims.

[2] Blacks have more testosterone than Whites, making them more aggressive; they also have lower impulse control, partly as the result of more testosterone and partly due to their lower IQs; and Blacks are ten times more likely to have the “warrior gene,” known as monoamine oxidase A, or MAOA; it’s also called the “thug gene”

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