10 April, 2021

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“Defensive Racism” (2004) by Edgar J. Steele. A good book. I noted with interest his comments about IQ (page 17). (I have my own theories about IQ [speaking as someone who is not an intellectual by any stretch of the imagination; but my dad was]. Several of my theories about intellectuals, i.e., people with Ph.D.s: 1) they are much more likely to be egalitarian; 2) more likely to be taller, soft-spoken and have really tiny penmanship; 3) more likely to lack “horse sense”/common sense; 4) more likely to be petty, stubborn and closed-minded. I knew several intellectuals through dad and I didn’t like any of them. In fact, I can see why dictators murder intellectuals. One intellectual I knew came very unglued when I told him via email that, despite the common usage, “Hispanic” does not refer to Mexicans, but only to Spaniards. That was “racism” on my part, he said. Yeah, as if a white-wine-sipping Woody Allen freak would know about racism…).

[Book; a .PDF file].

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