31 May, 2021

Memorial Day: Why Did So Many Die?

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There were only 2 wars that America had to fight: the Revolutionary War (which created The United States of America), and the War of 1812 (because British troops were seizing American ships on the high seas and also aiding Indian tribes in order to further anti-American schemes).

So why did America fight all those other wars? The “Civil War”? Should never have happened [1]. WWI? Wasn’t our war. WWII? America didn’t have to “strangle” Japan until it attacked us, we chose to do that. Korea? Wasn’t our war. Vietnam? Ditto. Gulf War? Ditto. Iraq War? Ditto. Afghanistan? Ditto.

All those men lying in all those military graveyards died for nothing. And since war is dysgenic, the White population of America is “down” by about 30 million people, maybe more.


[1] if states can voluntarily join the United States, they can also voluntarily unjoin. President Abe Lincoln had no constitutional authority to wage war on the Southern states.

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