17 June, 2021

Anthony Ludovici on Human Equality

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The big thing in America (and the West) since WWII has been human equality. “We can make all humans equal, if we just try hard enough!” say the Marxists and the leftists. No, you can’t make humans equal. They will never be equal, just as dogs or horses will never be equal. Equality only exists in mathematics. As the British philosopher Ludovici (1882-1971) notes, there is a certain type of low person who pushes for human equality. Who pushes for it? “The self-reliant, the strong, the skilful, the able and the desirable, in all walks of life, are never stirred by this cry for equality; because they look down from their eminence, and cannot therefore conceive that levelling could possibly prove an advantage. It must therefore be the undesirable, the unskilful, the incompetent, the ugly, the ungifted, in all walks of life, the incapable of all classes, who want equality.” In fact, it’s downright cruel to hold better humans back to benefit worse humans (surprise: Marxists and liberals are cruel, petty, jealous people).


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