19 June, 2021

Even More Green Marxism

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Green Marxism (climate change propaganda) is a clever way to force White people to do things that they would not ordinarily do. It’s based on “computer models” of forecasted climate changes that have been manipulated for political purposes. In 1977, scientists said the earth was cooling. Now they say it’s warming. Next they’ll say it’s cooling again.

This NASA climate-change study is clever. They use fancy jargon to convince the stupid masses that “global warming” is real. An “observational estimate”?? What exactly is that, NASA?? Here’s a juicy quote, re: the NASA climate study:

“Loeb cautions that the study is only a snapshot relative to long-term climate change, and that it’s not possible to predict with any certainty what the coming decades might look like…” Ya don’t say! So, it’s just a guess?

The earth has warmed about 1 degree in the last 150 years. Which means nothing. The Middle Ages were actually warmer than now.

Furthermore, “climatology” is a very Jewish science. At least two of the 1970s godfathers of “ecology science” were Jews (Dr. Barry Commoner and Dr. Stephen Schneider. Another more-infamous eco-pest was a Jew: Ira Einhorn, the founder of Earth Day in 1970 and a convicted killer. It is now taboo to call Einhorn the “founder of Earth Day” since he was, later on, a killer. He “tarnishes the image” of eco-pests).

“Political” Jewish scientists are famous for being wrong. One of those Jews, the famous Carl Sagan, long pushed the “Nuclear Winter” theory to include not only nuclear explosions (“nuclear bombs can cause a winter”) but the Kuwait oil-field fires in 1991. Sagan said that there would be “no summer” after the fires. But there was. Sagan was seriously wrong. “Nuclear Winter” theory is baloney, like all Jewish theories. There’s the key: it’s all “theory” (just like regular and Cultural Marxism).


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