29 June, 2021

Thoughts on SJWs

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Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are working hard to tear down White Western culture. The most successful culture in history.

How is tearing down White Western culture “social justice”? How is dismantling the greatest culture ever created by mankind a good thing? Ponder that. That’s akin to searching out the greatest scientist on the planet and killing him simply because he’s the greatest scientist on the planet! “How dare he be the greatest scientist alive! The nerve of that guy! What a show-off! What arrogance! He deserves to be killed!” Same concept. Why would you knowingly kill the best person or the best thing? It makes no sense [1]. The opposite is true: you should try to preserve the best person or thing.

Social Justice Warriors are angry losers who came from broken homes; they didn’t get any parental love as children [2]. They are defective people who have low self-esteem so they must attack an entire culture to make themselves feel better. (Because after all, that’s what leftism is: it’s not a political ideology, it’s a weapon. All it can do is attack and tear down). Most of all, SJWs know that White males created the world (all important inventions came from them) and the SJWs really hate that, to an extreme degree.


[1] Actually, it does make some sense if you’re a White-hating leftist. Jewish author Norman F. Cantor notes on page 421 of his 1994 book, “The Sacred Chain: The History of the Jews” that the infamous Jew, Claude Levi-Strauss, an “anthropologist,” could be considered a godfather of left-wing thought, since Levi-Strauss developed/galvanized the concept of the “bad” White world vs. the “good” non-White world, which Cantor calls “the cardinal doctrine of all leftist-leaning thought since 1960”

[2] Ask a liberal what “family values” are and he’ll give you a blank stare. He has no clue what they are. There’s no such thing as a long liberal marriage. After a few years, the feminist wifey files for divorce. Especially in California. Conservative families are much more stable than liberal families.

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