30 July, 2021

A Walk Through the Covid-19 Baloney

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A web quote: “The bottom line is that, if you are healthy, Covid is not very dangerous.” Oh, really?? You wouldn’t know it listening to the government or the media! Listening to them, all of America will soon perish unless everybody from Maine to California gets three Covid jabs: the first two, and then a “booster shot” later! Even kids must get them!

1. First, we Americans were told by the government that we must wear face masks to avoid catching the deadly Covid-19, which turned out to be not-so-deadly.

2. Then later, the government admitted that face masks didn’t provide any real protection, since the virus travels in a very fine mist. Now, the government has re-mandated face masks, even though they don’t protect anyone.

3. Then, we were told that children are nearly immune to Covid.

4. Now, they want to vaccinate 9-year-olds.

5. Now, we know that the Covid vaccines’ “spike protein” is, by itself, toxic and can cause death or injury. But they want to give the vaccines to frail old people and children. (Don’t forget, the FDA did not approve the Covid vaccines. They are for “emergency use only”). In fact, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology has said that the Covid vaccines can make some people more sick from Covid than they would be had they not been vaccinated, due to ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement).

6. Then, they said that the Covid vaccines “stay in your arm, near the site of injection.” No, they don’t. A pathologist said that the “spike proteins” circulate in the body for two weeks, even traveling to places they shouldn’t go, e.g., your testicles or ovaries. (When you can’t ejaculate in 5 years, you’ll know why).

7. Then, they said that they had “isolated the Covid virus.” They knew exactly what it was. They had the “blueprint” or biological/chemical map of it.

8. Now, we know that they did not have a real Covid virus to work with, so they created one that “approximated” what they thought was the blueprint/sequence of the Covid virus. (In other words, they totally lied about the shaky history of the Covid vaccines).

9. Now, anyone who does not get “vaccinated” is treated like he has the Black Death (Bubonic Plague), even though Covid is not a serious disease unless you are elderly, or have underlying health problems.

10. Now, we know that the Covid PCR test didn’t work, and in fact the CDC is phasing it out. If it didn’t work, how does the government know the true numbers of Covid sickness/death rates? It doesn’t, of course. (The inventor of the PCR test, Dr. Kary Mullis, said that the test was not designed to detect infectious diseases in humans, so why did they use it for that?).

11. Supposedly, in mid-June 2021, America was set upon by the “deadly Delta variant” of Covid. On Sunday and Monday, July 25/26 2021, the Biden Administration ironed out a new mask and vaccination mandate to “battle the deadly Delta variant.” Yet, on July 28, 2021, President Biden appeared in public in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He was not wearing a face mask. He was closely surrounded by 20 citizens who were also not wearing face masks. Biden hugged some of the citizens and shook hands with/talked to others. Yet, a few days previously, Biden had re-mandated face mask wearing for all Americans due to the “deadly Delta variant”! Why would the Secret Service allow Biden to possibly catch the “deadly Delta variant” by hugging maskless people while he himself was maskless? Security protocols wouldn’t allow for such close, maskless interaction — unless there is no “Delta variant.”

12. Now, they demand that you take vaccines for a virus that may not even exist, vaccines which are toxic and which have unknown side-effects in the long term. If you resist the toxic vaccines, they’ll force you to take them (e.g., college students and federal employees).

(I wonder if they are worried at all that the American public no longer trusts them? In other words, the next time the government and the media address a serious health issue, who will believe anything they say?)

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