2 July, 2021

Add Another Jewish Name to the List of Socialist Leaders

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You knew that international socialism was founded by Jews (Moses Hess, Eduard Bernstein, Ferdinand Lassalle). Well, there was another Jewish founder of socialism who I had never heard of until today: Aaron Shmuel Lieberman (born 1848, Russia; died by suicide, 1880, New York State; later known as Arthur Freeman). He was roughly the same age as Bernstein. He published the first Jewish-oriented socialist journal, in Hebrew, called Haemet (“Truth”) in Vienna in 1877. It was shut down by police after its 3rd issue and Lieberman was jailed.

Lieberman was an international socialist activist, working in Vienna, Berlin, Geneva, London, and finally New York. He spent two years in prison in Vienna for subversive activity (back in those days, White people didn’t tolerate Jewish subversives. Today, they ignore or even aid Jewish subversives). Prison apparently affected his mind badly and he killed himself in 1880. It’s funny: you’d think that God’s Chosen People (TM) would be guided through life, unmolested, by His mighty hand! But no.

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