24 July, 2021

Community Service: Fake vs. Real, or, the Covidian Madness Increases

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You know how the Covid lockdowns were an attack on conservatives, since most small business owners were Trump supporters before they lost their businesses or killed themselves? Well, the Covid “vaccines” are also an attack on conservatives, because they’re much more likely to say “no” to the jab, being the freedom-loving, anti-Big-Brother people that they are. And the Left knows that. So the jab is also an endless attack on conservatives. All of this is a giant hate crime against normal White conservative people.

Also: getting the toxic jab is a community service? How is getting sick and/or dying a community service?

Here’s a much better community service: staying alive and healthy so that you can pay taxes (that’s what the sheeple are for!). And vote against the Left!

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