27 July, 2021

Original Sin, or, More Christian Voodoo

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The stupid idea of Original Sin wouldn’t even exist if not for Christianity:

“Original sin is the Christian doctrine that humans inherit a tainted nature and a proclivity to sin through the fact of birth.”

According to the Jewish, voodoo-like religion of Christianity (i.e., the Old Testament and all things that spring from it), man was born to commit sin and therefore mankind is genetically preordained to do evil by default [1][2]. From the cradle, “mankind is doomed to be evil in one way or another way. There’s no escaping it.”

What self-hating nonsense. What defeatism. Once again, Christianity is a big burden on White Western culture. It’s probably the worst thing to ever happen to the White race (besides WWII). (By the way, I have known people — like my sweet grandmother — who were entirely free of sin. My grandmother wouldn’t even say “damn” or “hell” and she considered TV to be immoral and nearly pornographic, which it is. So much for the ugly idea that “all humans are evil sinners from birth.” What crap! Judeo-crap).



[1] nobody can walk on water, or turn water into wine, or come back from the dead. You might as well believe in voodoo.

[2] St. Paul (who was actually a Jew named Saul previously) was apparently the man who cemented the idea of Original Sin by writing that “all” humans have sinned/are sinners, in Romans 5:12, i.e., nobody can escape being a sinner. That’s in the New Testament. Apparently, it took awhile for the Original Sin idea to take hold. But there’s the Jewish angle, anyway.

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