15 July, 2021

South Africa Is Imploding. Blacks Cannot Run a Country Effectively

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1993: “We must allow Blacks in South Africa to govern themselves” the globalists said. So, stupidly, we did allow it. Guess what happened? (The Jewish diplomat Henry Kissinger spear-headed the effort to end apartheid in South Africa. Strangely, apartheid is okay in Israel. It was Jews who created the movement to end apartheid in South Africa beginning circa 1960, after the so-called “Sharpeville massacre”; the movement began with economic boycotts of South Africa [1]).

Ironically, crime and corruption in South Africa were already severe before the latest rioting. (Have you ever seen the massive, steel security gates that almost everyone has in South Africa now? They are huge, heavy gates of the type you’d see at a prison or a government armory. Why does nearly every White family in South Africa have such a massive gate? Guess! Gangs of Black criminals have a habit of attacking White homes and businesses. The gates are often topped with barbed wire, as well. More here).

Also, recall what Black writer Walter E. Williams said: “The tragic fact of business is that ordinary Africans were better off under colonialism” (White rule).



[1] Besides Kissinger, several dozen Jews, most of them Marxists, were the key players in the ending of apartheid, including: Joe Slovo, Ruth First (Slovo’s wife), Harold Wolpe, Albie Sachs, Ronald Segal, Dennis Goldberg, Lionel “Rusty” Bernstein, Hilda Bernstein, Solly Sachs, Helen Suzman, Ray Alexander, Ronnie Kasrils, Raymond Suttner, Ray Simons, Moishe Geller (related to Pamela Geller), Jules and Selma Browde, Arthur Goldreich, Norma and David Kitson, Wolfie Kodish, Harry Bloom and Bernard Friedman.

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