5 July, 2021

The Psychological War on Whitey

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Rifles aren’t required in this war. Totalitarianism isn’t physical nearly as much as it is psychological.

Regardless of Hannah Arendt’s Jewishness, this article makes a good point. Our overlords are trying to “take the spirit out of Whitey forever.” To make Whitey feel like “there’s no hope, no chance of returning to normal.” Most Whites have felt isolated and depressed since March 2020, when the Covid-19 planneddemic began, and our overlords want to keep it that way. Hence the endless Covid bullshit. Hence the political persecutions and endless de-platforming. It’s an endless psychological war on Whitey. To make Whitey feel hopeless, to make him want to give up.

Well, there’s one thing that Whitey could do right now: stop using all social media! Stop watching all TV! Start interacting with your White neighbors. Share your views, your thoughts, your ideology with your neighbors. Urge them to “unplug” their lives from social media and TV, just like you have. Form groups of like-minded White citizens. Share ideas, skills, hobbies, and barter goods and services, and help each other in various ways. Say bye-bye to the electronic world (largely, anyway). Get back to the earth, back to humans. (Related question: why does Facebook have 2.8 billion [with a B] members worldwide? And why does Facebook have 240 million members in the USA alone? Man, that’s one hell of a lot of White people! How and why did that happen?).


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