22 August, 2021

A New Word

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I just invented a new word: “propagandacy” (noun). As used in a sentence: “We don’t live in a democracy, we live in a propagandacy.” Granted, that word doesn’t really roll off the tongue, but it’s accurate.

Everything in our society is leftist propaganda (although occasionally there is rightist propaganda, too, but it’s rare today). TV, movies, magazines, newspapers, education, health care, politics, foreign policy, consumer products, food. It’s all totally saturated with propaganda. Look at Covid-19. All propaganda. Afghanistan war? Ditto. Biden’s mental state? Ditto. The 2020 election theft? “Climate change”? Ditto. There’s hardly an area of life anymore that isn’t full of propaganda. No facts. No truths. Just propaganda. That’s not a healthy society.

(The Left politicizes everything by default. Also, media conglomeration plays a part, too. For example, one giant corporation often owns dozens of media and cable TV companies. In other words, there are many more media companies today than in 1990, but at the same time, the companies are in fewer hands) [1][2].


[1] leftists are unhappy, angry people. So they are always trying to upset the apple cart, always trying to pick a fight with “evil White male capitalists.” Apparently, the leftists fail to understand that Jews, not Whites, control most of the power centers in America, e.g., the news media, Hollywood, social media, think tanks, etc.

[2] About media conglomeration: “Because there are fewer independent media, there is less diversity in news and entertainment and therefore less competition. This can result in the reduction of different points of view as well as vocalization about different issues.” — Wikipedia, Aug. 2021

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