27 August, 2021

The Other Scamdemic: The Federal Reserve, Only This Sickness Is Forever

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(Above: the Federal Reserve headquarters. It is not “federal” in the traditional sense because it’s not part of the U.S. government. It’s a private bank with shareholders. Then why, oh, why, does it have a “.gov” URL address? Good question! When you find out, let me know. The Federal Reserve, like most central banks, was founded by a Jew, Paul M. Warburg).

Let us get this straight: the policies of the Federal Reserve System are themselves inflationary (i.e., “fractional-reserve banking”), but nonetheless, the Federal Reserve is “a necessary thing” because it keeps America’s economy healthy and strong! [1]. Is that really what The Fed wants you to believe? Yes, it is! Then why not believe in the Easter Bunny, Bigfoot and honest politicians, too? What if White people controlled America’s money, instead of Jews?



[1] “fractional-reserve banking is inherently inflationary.” — Dr. Joseph T. Salerno, economist and co-author of the 2014 book “The Fed at One Hundred: A Critical View on the Federal Reserve System.”

Consider this: if there’s a shortage of “X” it’s worth more. But if there’s a surplus of “X” it’s worth less. That’s true regardless of the product in question (e.g., booze, ammunition, pencils, money). Fractional-reserve banking puts more money into the economy than should normally exist, since banks, according to Federal Reserve rules, must keep only 10% of their actual money supplies “on site.” The banks can loan out the rest. That practice is inflationary by default. And that isn’t the only problem with fractional-reserve banking, either: read this: [Here].

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