22 September, 2021

Klaus Schwab: a Jew?

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Was the globalist Klaus Schwab, the architect of the World Economic Forum, influenced by Jews? Very much so, e.g., by Henry Kissinger [1]. Does he act like a Jew? In many ways, he does. Most powerful globalists are Jews. Indeed, globalism is a Jewish specialty. Jews are an “international people.” A cosmopolitan tribe, perfectly at home in any country.

But is Schwab a Jew, genetically speaking, as many have said? Apparently not. Quoting Schwab, in the dedication page of his book “Stakeholder Capitalism” (Wiley, NY: 2021): “To my parents, Eugen Wilhelm Schwab (†) and Erika Epprecht (†) who taught me firsthand the value of education, collaboration, and the stakeholder principle.” (The crosses are real, and are in the text — at least in the version I saw, which was mostly in Asian text but partly in English).

I do not defend Schwab in any way, shape or form, and it gives me no pleasure to type this. I merely state an apparent fact (I said apparent fact: it could be wrong and he could be a crypto-Jew after all). The point is, you can’t “make someone a Jew” if they aren’t (many WNs do that and I have done it myself, e.g., with Norbert Schlei, who was apparently not a Jew), and in fact doing that ruins our credibility when we try to bring more WNs into the movement. Most of the enemies of White Western culture are Jews, of course. It goes without saying [2]. But a few aren’t Jews.


[1] “In the late 1960s, Schwab attended Harvard and among his teachers was Sir Henry Kissinger, whom he has described as among the top figures who have most influenced his thinking over the course of his life.” [Here]

[2] to name just a few of the more-well-known enemy Jews: Karl Marx, Moses Hess, Eduard Bernstein, Ferdinand Lassalle, V. I. Lenin (part-Jewish), Bernard Baruch, Paul M. Warburg, Max Horkheimer, Georg Lukacs, Samuel Untermyer, Jack Greenberg, Herbert Marcuse, Paul Krassner, Emanuel Celler.

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