13 September, 2021

More Climax Change Baloney

Posted by Socrates in climate change, climax change, global warming, globalization, green Marxism, War On White Males, War On White People at 5:07 pm | Permanent Link

Leftist #1: (moans in sexual ecstasy) “White countries are being punished?? (moans) Ohhhh!! That’s wonderful!!!”

Leftist #2: (moans in sexual ecstasy) “Ohhhhh, those evil White people!! That’s great news!!! I hate White people!!” (moans).

Why do I say “climax change”? Well, of course I’m being funny, but, it’s because every leftist likely has a sexual climax when he/she thinks about all of the harm that “climate change” rules and mandates do to the White Western countries. The mandates are all about transferring money and resources from White countries to Black/Brown countries. It’s all a scam designed to punish Whitey for being too successful.


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